8.sınıf ingilizce test çöz-8.sınıf ingilizce test indir-8.sınıf ingilizce soru bankası-8.sınıf ingilizce test-4

1. The bust left while ________.

A) A) I buy a ticket
B) B) I am buying a ticket
C) C) I was buying a ticket
D) D) I will buy a ticket

2. You ________ yesterday morning.

A) A) get dressed
B) B) got dressed
C) C) gets dressed
D) D) is getting dressed

3. While Mary ________, the postman ________.

A) A) phoned/ brought the letters
B) B) was phoning/ brought the letters
C) C) phones/ bring the letters
D) D) phoned/ was bringing the letters

4. We ________ the concert hall as it ________.

A) A) left/ was snowing
B) B) were leaving/ snowed
C) C) left/ is snowing
D) D) left/ snows

5. Were you ________ computer for fun this morning?

A) A) making your
B) B) using your
C) C) painting your
D) D) doing your

6. You ________ while Mrs Ak ________.

A) A) are taking a shower/was baking a cake
B) B) were taking a shower/ was baking a cake
C) C) were taking a shower/ baked a cake
D) D) are taking a shower/ baked a cake

7. I ________ my clothes yesterday morning.

A) A) was watering
B) B) as closing
C) C) was feeding
D) D) was ironing

8. The mechanic ________ my motorbike yesterday.

A) A) was mending
B) B) was cutting
C) C) was sleeping
D) D) was washing his shirt

9. Barbara was ________ to answer the phone, ________ ________?

A) A) sleeping/ was she
B) B) running/ wasn’t she
C) C) climbing/ wasn’t she
D) D) tidying / was she

10. You ________ the floors yesterday.

A) A) sweeps
B) B) looks
C) C) swept
D) D) walk


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